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The lineup for Global Citizen Festival in NYC was announced in August. The Weeknd, Janet Jackson, Janelle Monae, Shawn Mendes, John Legend, and Cardi B were all set to perform at this event. At first, I wasn’t going to go, but I read that you can win FREE tickets by “taking action” via the Global Citizen app. I won my first pair of tickets in the first drawing, and I was super excited! Continue reading to see how my experience unfolded.


Initially, I was going for another outfit, but I decided to wear all black. You can never go wrong with an all black outfit. My festival look was Rhythm Nation inspired, but somehow I’m unintentionally giving Tomb Raider vides.

IMG_5433Cargo Pants:    Combat Boots:
Bag: Gap  Sunglasses: Banana Republic
Top: DIY ( Bodycon dress cut into crop top)

In a nutshell, getting into the Global Citizen festival was stressful. It felt disorganized because we had several Global Citizen Volunteers and Live Nation Employees tell several other people and us different information about what line to stand in for General Admission. Several of the volunteers didn’t have any information and were just as confused as we were. We waited in a line that was another GA entrance for about 3 hours (it was expected) because we were told by Live Nation specifically that if you had a Global Citizen ticket it didn’t matter what entrance you were at because once you are inside you will be directed on where to go. Global Citizen and Live Nation had a lot of miscommunications on what information to tell attendees, smh.

We finally get in around 3:30 pm and people were rushing to the front and laying down on the ground to claim their spots. We casually walked and pushed our way to the front for a better view of the stage. When you are in a crowd, you are dealing with multiple personalities, attitudes, funkiness, and craziness. This festival was no exception. While waiting for Janelle Monae, a drunk old white man was causing a scene, arguing with the women around him and felt the need to sniff my hair and my friends hair. Crazy!


Fast-forward to last half of Global Citizen Festival, and we are getting excited to see Janet Jackson. Then the event turned for the worst. I’ve never been so scared in my life. At the festival, a stampede happens. My girls and I held on to the barricade so tight trying not to get hurt. It felt like pounds of people smashing into us. We then heard loud popping noises, and the crowd went crazy b/c we thought it was gunshots and the police was telling everyone to get down! At this point, I was in fear of my life because I didn’t know what to think or do. We then had police officers yelling ” GO HOME CONCERT IS OVER!’. People started leaving and crying, and I even got upset, but luckily the organizer came out to inform people the show will continue as soon as they handle the situation.

We later found out it was the water bottles making the popping noises when people stepped on them. Security and event organizers finally were able to calm the situation. A barricade fell, and that’s what caused the stampede. Honestly, don’t know what happened but several people got hurt, people were crying, and having panic attacks. It was a scary situation and mentally draining. We were thankfully not injured, and we were able to enjoy Janet Jackson’s set. Moral of the story is my life is too precious, and this girl right here will not attend any more music festivals I’ve only been to two, but two is enough…it’s not for me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

IMG_5488Stage view


Janelle Monae

IMG_5499Chris Martin

IMG_5503Katie Holmes


Cardi B

IMG_5521Naomi Campbell

IMG_5538Cynthia Erivo and Ava DuVernay (she’s so cool and she waved at me!)

Have you ever had a bad experience attending a festival or a concert? Share your story in the comments.

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A “New Agenda” is Due

It is frustrating women around the world are STILL fighting against the male ego, unjustified laws, and outrageous religious traditions. As I am becoming wiser, I am more aware of women’s rights every day. We are up against political leaders telling women to “shut up” or “get over it” if they are victims of rape or sexual assault or exerting their power to control our bodies. We are up against the sex trafficking industry, which claims about 96% of women and young girls lives and the industry pulls in $99 billion a year! That’s crazy! And that not even a slice of all the other issues (healthcare, employment, and education) women are dealing with today. I am ready for a SOLUTION.


So, I collaborated with my friends to do a Global Citizen PSA, which led to us starting New Agenda.

We (Tierra O’Neal, Courtney Hall, and myself) started the NEW AGENDA movement. We were inspired by Global Citizen and Janet Jackson to use our voices to create change and to stand up for what’s right in support of the Women’s Rights Movement. The purpose of our movement is to encourage the next generation of females to accelerate beyond dreams and limitations. Our goal is to reach out to female millennials to promote awareness, to establish, to secure, and to push forward a NEW AGENDA.

We created our very first PSA as our way to take action and let people know we are serious! Click the video to watch our Global Citizen PSA.


This is our first step and we plan and will do more! It’s our time to speak out and take action and implement solutions.We are currently doing a contest to attend the Global Citizen Festival in NYC. So, Follow our Instagram @_newagenda  for details!

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New York City: Part 1

New York City: Part 2

New York City: Part 2

Day 3: Panorama Festival at Randall’s Island

It’s festival day and I was super excited! My outfit was inspired by these two looks:

SZA and Janet were scheduled to perform at the Panorama main stage, and we made sure to head to the front of the gate! Two of the other artists, CLOVES, and Pvris performed, and they were pretty good. Lil Wayne was set to play that night, but he canceled. WOMP WOMP!

During the festival, we’ve been outside for hours, and we ran out of food and water. It was hot, humid, muddy, and I was sweating.  The crowd was closing in on everyone, and several people were passing out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Eventually, the security staff started to pass out water and snacks.

After that intense moment, SZA came on stage and ROCKED IT OUT! Sza had a lot of energy, and I was on a high because I love her music so much! I was impressed. She looked and sounded terrific! I have to make sure I see her in concert in a much intimate setting because she’s worth it!


Bralett: | Fanny pack: | Shorts: | Top: Rag-o-rama thrift store |Sunglasses: | Belt: similar | Quartz crystal chain:

IMG_0989 2

In a crowd of thousands and thousands of people we were right in front!



IMG_4383 2

Janet Jackson

I’ve seen State of the World tour twice, but this time it was different because I was right along with my girls as we are chanting and cheering on Janet! Her show was full of high energy, and she gave me so much LIFE! This woman entertains from beginning to end. The crowd was definitely into it! Click the link to vlog to see more from the show and click my NYC Instagram stories to see more as well.

Day 4: EXHAUSTED Last Day

After the festival, I was utterly exhausted! We were set to do more sightseeing but we could only manage walking Brooklyn Bridge and 10mins of Central Park lol. We ended our last night at the Cowgirl Seahorse restaurant. The food and the drinks were delicious! Overall, I had the best time in NYC and can’t wait to do it again!

IMG_4400 2IMG_4405IMG_4415 2IMG_4434 2IMG_4435 2

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NYC Part 1


What is your favorite artist to listen to? Comment below!

New York City: Part 1

Day 1: Hello New York City!

We arrive in New York City and by “we” I mean all nine of us. Here’s a short backstory…We created this sisterhood through Janet Jackson because we are all huge fans of her and her fanbase is called “Janfam” (like Beyonce has “Beyhive”).  We often travel together to see Janet and this time we traveled to NYC to see her show at the Panorama Festival.

This was the ultimate girls trip. Our hotel, 4 Points by Sheraton, was located in the Financial District. It was a slightly rocky start because the hotel screwed up our hotel reservations. It was a bit of drama between us and the management of the hotel, but you can read about it on TripAdvisor for my review. However, we did not allow that situation to keep us from exploring the city. The first thing we did was head to Mood’s Fabrics. I’m such a huge fan of Project Runway, and I geeked out when I was there. After running around in Mood’s, we ate at Joe’s Pizza on Broadway, chilled on the red steps in Times Square, and then went to Karaoke Duet 35. This spot was a lot of fun. Check out the vlog down below to see the fun action!

IMG_0196Shorts: Top: Banana Republic Fanny Pack: 


Day 2: Brunch, Ice Cream, Bottom’s Up!

More of my friends finally arrive, and we were hungry! We headed to The Cafeteria for brunch. This restaurant is a little nostalgic for us because we ate here the first time we had our girls trip to NYC a couple of years ago. We later went to The Pint Shop, and it’s a “sweet” and cute spot to take pictures for Instagram or to do a photoshoot for your blog. The pop up was smaller than I thought and I was under the impression we would get several samples of ice cream but apparently for a fee of $35 you and your friends can have a Tasting Experience. Other than that, we did our own cute photoshoot.

IMG_4222IMG_4228Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetRude Margarita and Silver Dollar Pancakes

IMG_4471Visiting the Pint Shop

Photo Credit: C. Mone Photography IMG_4473Photo Credit: C. Mone Photography 

IMG_4474Photo Credit: C. Mone Photography 


That night we were invited to hang out at a gay bar, Bottoms Up. This place was so upbeat, and this was my first time going to a gay bar, and naturally, gay men know how to have a good time! We drank, we danced, and sang a bunch of Janet Jackson’s songs from the top of our lungs! Watch the vlog below to see how it all went down!

Thank you for reading! Part Two of this trip will be in another post.

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As summer is coming to an end, I was reflecting on everything I did.  To recap, I’ve had countless dates eating sushi, ice cream, and tacos, rollerblading through Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Belt-line. Spent a warm and sunny day at Lake Lanier’s Margaritaville for my one-year anniversary and traveled to Savannah, Georgia for my mother’s birthday. We explored downtown Savannah and celebrated her birthday on Savannah’s Riverboat cruise.

To top things off, I went to Pensacola, Florida to Fort Meyers Beach with family and boyfriend and spent all day soaking up the hot sun. We chilled in the ocean for more than two hours, and it was euphoric! It’s pure heaven! The last major highlight was going to New York City to see my favorite ICON, Janet Jackson, as well as my favorite R&B songstress, SZA, at the Panorama Festival (post coming soon).  Going to NYC was the ultimate girls trip!! I had such a good time!

As I am thinking back, I had a lot of fun the past couple of months. I’m not ready for Summer to end, but more good things are coming. I’m remaining optimistic and open to everything that comes my way.


Shorts: (similar)  Shoes: Belt: (similar)


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