A “New Agenda” is Due

It is frustrating women around the world are STILL fighting against the male ego, unjustified laws, and outrageous religious traditions. As I am becoming wiser, I am more aware of women’s rights every day. We are up against political leaders telling women to “shut up” or “get over it” if they are victims of rape or sexual assault or exerting their power to control our bodies. We are up against the sex trafficking industry, which claims about 96% of women and young girls lives and the industry pulls in $99 billion a year! That’s crazy! And that not even a slice of all the other issues (healthcare, employment, and education) women are dealing with today. I am ready for a SOLUTION.


So, I collaborated with my friends to do a Global Citizen PSA, which led to us starting New Agenda.

We (Tierra O’Neal, Courtney Hall, and myself) started the NEW AGENDA movement. We were inspired by Global Citizen and Janet Jackson to use our voices to create change and to stand up for what’s right in support of the Women’s Rights Movement. The purpose of our movement is to encourage the next generation of females to accelerate beyond dreams and limitations. Our goal is to reach out to female millennials to promote awareness, to establish, to secure, and to push forward a NEW AGENDA.

We created our very first PSA as our way to take action and let people know we are serious! Click the video to watch our Global Citizen PSA.


This is our first step and we plan and will do more! It’s our time to speak out and take action and implement solutions.We are currently doing a contest to attend the Global Citizen Festival in NYC. So, Follow our Instagram @_newagenda  for details!

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